Numerica Credit Union’s SPEND-SAVE-SHARE

94.9 The Wolf, Adam & Jen in the Morning and Numerica Credit Union want to make a difference for you and others. That’s why we’re introducing you to Numerica Credit Union’s SPEND – SAVE – SHARE campaign. Each month we’re giving 1 lucky listener $300! $100 to SPEND anyway you want, $100 to SAVE for a car, vacation or college and $100 to SHARE with the charity of your choice. Simply fill out the form below and tell us what you would SPEND the money on, what you would SAVE the money for and what charity you would like to SHARE it with.(Charity must be a verified 501c3 charity)

At the end of each month 1 lucky listener will be awarded the Numerica Credit Union SPEND – SAVE – SHARE money! Life Moves, Live Well! To see more of what Numerica Credit Union is doing to impact our community click here!



March Winner – Yonny Alvarez


April Winner – Susan Price


May Winner – Melissa Sullivan


June Winner – Selina Dallas

July Winner – Alicia Anderson


August Winner – Christina McCloy


September Winner – Daisy Madrigal


October Winner – Nicole Pietz


November Winner – Vivian Larson

December Winner – Briana Osborne