Lindsey / Weekdays 10a-3pm

9 years and counting in the radio world. I’m a lifelong PNW resident and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! My husband and daughter are my pride and joy, I wouldn’t be who I am without them. On the weekends you can find me enjoying local brews or going on family adventures.


1.       What is your favorite musical artist or band?

            Currently my man Chris Stapleton

2.       What is your favorite sport?

            CrossFit, yes it’s a legitimate sport!

3.       What are your hobbies?

            Lifting heavy things, making candles and car karaoke with my daughter!

4.       If you weren’t in radio what would you be doing?

            Something in the service industry, probably pouring brews. I have to do something social!

5.       What is something most people do not know about you?

             I’m an ordained minister, I can marry you or bury you!