Jen / Weekdays 5:30a-10a

Growing up here in the Tri Cities, I was THAT person, that couldn’t wait to get out! I lived in Seattle, California, Ohio and Las Vegas, but none of those places were home. I moved back 10 years ago and love that I am raising my 3 boys here. Jade is 28, and though he doesn’t live at home, he is right down the road and he is “home” often…you know, when he is hungry. Jazz is 15, probably one of the most capable humans I know, but I need to figure out how to make the girls not like him so much. Jaxon is 14, and you won’t find a more caring person anywhere, but HE might never leave home, if I let him stay. All three keep me honest, even when I don’t want to be. Before radio I worked in the dental world for around 20 years, along with a few hundred other jobs on the side (nothing has changed there). Then, Adam became a stalker, tracked me down and forced me to be on air with him… Okay, it may not have gone exactly like that, but this is my bio and I can write it however I want.

The Adam & Jen in the morning show is absolutely where I belong…I mean my name is on it so it just makes sense. I love waking up with y’all every day..that’s a lie, sorry. I hate waking up that early, but ya’ll make it worth it.


  1. What is your favorite musical artist or band? 

    Garth Brooks, Kelly Clarkson, Morgan Wallen (don’t ask me to choose just one… I love so many)


  1. What is your favorite sport? 

    Hockey…then Football


  1. What are your hobbies? 

    Refinishing Old Furniture, Baking, Laying in a pool (that can be a hobby right)


  1. If you weren’t in radio what would you be doing? 

    I would be an event planner for a nonprofit organization or running my own restaurant


  1. What is something most people not know about you? 

    That I was a motivational speaker for many years!