Adam / Weekday Mornings 5:30a-10a

I was born in Pasco but raised exactly 1.8 miles from the 94.9 The Wolf studio…. Crazy huh? I went to school at Edison Elementary, Highlands Middle School and graduated from Kamiakin High School. I spent about 1 quarter attending the CBC parking lot only because I could never make it to my first class on time and never wanted to show up late so I would hang out in my car waiting for my second class to start. I then would fall asleep while waiting and never really made it to my second class either. I have a beautiful wife that I talk about a little bit on-air until I get the text to “Stop talking about me” and 3 amazing kids. Parker who’s 20 and Ayden and Addyson who are 5 year old twins. I enjoy BBQing which you’ll find out more below and I’ve been in radio here locally since I started back in 2000. I enjoy waking up with you all each and every morning and am honored you welcome Jen and I into your house, car or business each weekday.


1.       What is your favorite musical artist or band?

If you listen to the morning show you know I’ve got a couple… For the past few years it’s been Mitchell Tenpenny and Ashley McBryde and that hasn’t changed. I love the uniqueness of Mitchell’s voice and the rawness of Ashley’s. Ashley can sure story tell and that’s what country music is all about, telling a story.

2.       What is your favorite sport?

Golf!! I know, I know but I love to play it, watch it and bet on it(legally of course at a casino that allows betting on sports). There’s something about knowing I’m going to spend some time with some buddies on the golf course tossing back a few soda’s and just enjoying each other’s company.

3.       What are your hobbies?

I love to BBQ… When I say I love it, I truly mean I LOVE IT! I try to tie some sort of BBQing into my everyday routine. My dream is to own and operate a bbq hangout where friends, families and anyone who enjoys great smoked meat can hangout and enjoy time together. I enjoy making different seasonings and sauces. If you ever ask me if I want to smoke meat or BBQ and I say, “No I just don’t feel like it”… Put me down, my time is up on this planet.

4.       If you weren’t in radio what would you be doing?

Probably be a stay at home dad perfecting my bbq seasoning and sauce recipes. Of course I would have to try and convince my wife that even though the kids are at school most of the day, I should probably just hangout in case anything happened.

5.       What is something most people do not know about you?

I used to race jet skis when I was younger and even placed 4th in the World Finals in Lake Havasu Arizona one year in my division. I also love to BBQ… Oh wait never mind, most people know that about me.


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