Adam & Jen’s 2nd Annual Million Dollar Difference

Adam & Jen are excited to once again make a BIG difference in our communities with the 2nd Annual Million Dollar Difference Radiothon fueled by Numerica Credit Union. Last year with the help from numerous sponsors, businesses and YOU, the best listeners in the world we raised over $48,500 to help abolish over $4.8 MILLION DOLLARS in medical debt for people right here in our Tri-Cities community. This year is going to be BIGGER.

One of the issues we are facing as a nation is medical care and expenses. Unfortunately, that is something even we have not been able to escape. After some research, we have found that many of our neighbors are buried under medical debt to the tune of well over a million dollars’ worth throughout our communities. Because you helped us abolish so much medical last year, we’re excited to announce that we’re are able to continue to help out people right here in the Tri-Cities and now more communities throughout the Northwest.

Medical debt is not something someone takes on electively, it’s normally an emergency that they didn’t see coming. Our very own Jen, from Adam & Jen in the morning on 94.9 The Wolf, knows all too well this scenario. When her 3 year old son Jazz fell ill, being diagnosed with a life threatening chronic disease, she worked a full time job, but time away from work being with her son in the hospital took a toll on her job and the medical bills continued to pile up. “We did everything we could to take care of our bills, Jen said, but when a single chemo treatment was over $16,000.00, we just couldn’t keep our head above water, it wasn’t long before our medical debt was over $400,000.00”.

So many people have faced these same challenges and how can you make any other choice when you are told “this can save your son’s life but it will cost you your livelihood, your savings, your home”? These debts are not by choice but by necessity.

Adam & Jen decided last year they wanted to give back, to find a way to help our community… paying off 1 million dollars in medical debt… YOU helped us pay off over $4.8 million dollars. We again are excited to partner with RIP Medical Debt, which can purchase medical debt in our communities for pennies on the dollar.

Adam & Jen will again be broadcasting LIVE taking donations May 2nd – 4th from 6am – 6pm.

There are 4 ways to donate…

  • Click on the Donate Buttons on this page.
  • Call (509)222-0949 and make your donation over the phone to one of our volunteers.
  • Text WOLF to 50155 and follow the directions.
  • Place a bid on one of our many auction items at the link below.

Plus during our radiothon May 2nd – 4th, if you make a $50 donation or more, you will score one of these ‘I Helped Make a Million Dollar Difference’ t-shirts courtesy of our friends at Atomic Screenprinting and Embroidery.

Special Thanks to the following businesses who are